Why do people snore?

Why do people snore?

It is often said that people who snore are the ones who bear the consequence of overindulgence in some of life's pleasures. There are numerous causes of snoring, but in actuality, relaxation of muscles due to any condition or consumption of any substance or building up of fatty tissue, can cause snoring.

The obstruction or blockage of the air passage makes the soft tissues at the back of the mouth, nose or throat to vibrate, which causes snoring. This air flow can be clogged by a combination of factors, some of which are discussed below. It is the loud, coarse noise made by a lot of people while sleeping and is loudest when they lie on their back, especially during the deepest stages of their sleep. Men are more likely to snore than women.

A few common causes of snoring and why do people snore are

  • Alcohol consumption, slowing brain's response inducing muscles to ease up
  • Obesity- Being overweight especially around the neck causes blocking of the airway
  • Nose problems such as crooked (deviated) nasal symptom forcing you to breathe from your mouth
  • Those with a family history of snoring
  • Sedatives, like sleeping pills could collapse the airways which causes snoring

Sleep apnea is common amongst snorers. Although all snorers do not have sleep apnea, and not all who have sleep apnea snore. A person is likely to be suffering from sleep apnea is when snoring is accompanied by waking up, choking or gasping at night or in the morning, and if the person has high blood pressure, diabetes or other heart problems, or excessive sleepiness during the day and fatigability. Severe sleep apnea carries a significant risk of early death.

Sleep Apnea affects various neurological functions like ability to judge situations or execute actions......

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