Patient testimonial

Mrs. Sengupta

Education Consultant

I was at a bonfire and a bottle in the fire exploded and cut my face pretty badly. I had three cuts: one on my eyelid, the second in the lower corner of my eye by my nose, and the third right below it on my cheek. I had immediate surgery and they had to put a tube from my lower tear duct draining into my nose. Being a 17-year-old girl at the time, I was very self-conscious about my scars. But after using Mederma® on all my scars, people hardly even notice them anymore, and they are much easier to cover up with makeup. I don't know what I would have done if I hadn’t use

Mr. Ashok Talwar


I have had skin cancer on my chest, so I have four different scars. At first, the dermatologist told me to try Mederma®. I used Mederma® Scar Gel once a day and it smoothed the scars a lot. In eight weeks I saw a noticeable improvement and after three months I saw even more. It was just an amazing feeling because the scars were embarrassing. I live in Florida and I’m always wearing tank tops and I didn’t want lumps and bumps on my chest. You can still faintly see them, but nothing compared to what they were.

Mrs. Suman

Govt. Employee

I’ve used Mederma® twice now. One time I leaned up against the muffler on a motorcycle and burned my leg right through my jeans and left a scar. The second time was also for a burn scar. I spilled a pot of boiling water all over my arm trying to cook spaghetti. I used MedermaMederma® Scar Gel and you can’t even really see it any more. It made such a difference. It felt good because when you get a burn you think, “Oh my God, this is going to be so noticeable and everyone’s going to ask me about it.” But it worked wonderfully. I’d recommend it for sure.