How to stop snoring?

How to stop snoring?

Snoring can be a huge irritant for the entire family. While it gives an impression of sound sleep, snoring can in reality indicate a more serious underlying problem. It is prudent to take steps to stop snoring today, so that you avoid graver problems in future. A Sleep physician helps you tackle the question of how to stop snoring by recommending appropriate treatments after conducting a sleep study. Snoring treatments can help you prevent and cure conditions like Sleep Apnea and help you lead a healthy and happy life.

  • The doctor might recommend the following snoring treatments to help you stop snoring.
  • Change in lifestyle such as weight loss, avoiding alcohol close to bedtime
  • Snoring treatment for nasal decongestion
  • Avoiding sleep deprivation
  • Avoiding sleeping on the back

Instant snoring treatments

If the patient wants a quick solution to stop snoring, the following snoring treatments can be tried.

Oral appliances– These are dental mouthpieces that help keep the air passage open and ultimately, help you to stop snoring.

Nasal Strips –These are flexible, self-adhesive tapes that one applies before going to sleep on the nose. It gently lifts the sides of the nose and opens the nasal passages, providing immediate and continual relief. They are useful in stopping snoring in those with nasal congestion and provide temporary relief to those with deviated nasal septum.

Nasal Sprays – This antihistamine containing sprays help relieve the nasal congestion caused due to the allergic rhinitis (cold) and thus, help to stop snoring.

For patients with Sleep Apnea, the most effective way to stop snoring is to undergo the CPAP therapy. It is considered to be one of the best snoring treatments. Use of CPAP has shown reduction in health risks such as heart disease and diabetes caused by Sleep Apnea. In certain cases, wherein the Sleep Apnea or snoring is caused due to anatomical problems such as enlarged tonsil or thickened enlarges soft tissues, the patient needs to undergo surgery. Get an effective snoring treatment today to reclaim your sound sleep. Snoring and Sleep Apnea carry serious health risks but are treatable, and hence, must not be ignored. The first step in snoring treatment would be to visit the sleep physician.

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