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The Importance of Sleeping Right

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The Importance of Sleeping Right

For ages people have understood the importance of sleep and stressed on the right way of sleeping in order to maintain good health. But with lifestyles changing today, we hardly devote time to focus on our sleep habits and sleeping postures. Not surprisingly, therefore, back pain, heartburn and sleep disorders are becoming quite commonplace.

Sleep is an important component of your health and the lack of it could drastically affect you. By understanding what various sleep postures do to various organs and body functions, you can start improving your own health. Most common sleep postures are:

  1. On the Back

This posture has two variations – ‘Starfish’ (with arms raised above the head) and ‘Soldier’ (with legs and arms aligned straight). These sleeping positions are considered the healthiest by Sleep scientists and medical experts. However, depending upon your overall health, this position may or may not suit you.


Pros: The pressure on the spine and the neck is minimal, if the head is not inclined with many pillows. This position is best to avoid premature aging of facial skin and maintain perkiness of breasts.

Cons: The starfish position may experience excessive stress on the nerves of shoulders due to raised arms. This position is also more prone to snoring, Sleep Apnea and acid reflux.

2. On the Side 

Sleeping on the side is considered as the second best sleeping posture by medical experts. Although it is beneficial for the backbone, the pressure on neck and shoulder nerves is generally debilitating in long term. This position also has two variations – ‘Log’ (Sleeping on one side with arms at sides) and ‘Yearner’ (Sleeping on the side with both arms extended).


Pros: Sleeping on the side is good for natural alignment of the back. This position is recommended to pregnant women (left side to improve circulation) and sleep apnea patients. Sleeping on the side improves back and neck pain and also reduces chances of sleep disorders or heartburn.

Cons: Sleeping to the right side can cause heartburn and sleeping to the left side can increase pressure on the internal organs. Also, facial wrinkles, sagging of breasts and pressure on neck and shoulder muscles are some problems which can arise over long term.

3. On the Stomach 

Also known as the ‘Freefaller’ position, this is considered the worst possible sleeping posture. Not only is it bad for your skin and spine, it could prevent you from getting a completely restful sleep.


Pros: Sleeping on your stomach is good for digestion and also reduces snoring drastically.

Cons: The spine is unable to relax into its natural curve and the additional strain on neck and shoulders can cause lasting muscle and joint pain.

4. Like a Foetus 

Sleeping with the chin and knees pressed against chest, wrapped like a ball can be very comforting but is very bad for your neck and back. There are no real benefits in the foetal sleeping position, as it is bad for circulation and breathing.


Knowing your own sleeping position could tell you the underlying causes of your own health problems. By simply opting to sleep right, you can start moving towards a healthier lifestyle and avoid many chronic conditions.

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