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Science behind beauty sleep

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Science behind beauty sleep

Need a radiant complexion on the day of your marriage? Then better sleep well the previous night.

Brides are usually advised to sleep well before their wedding day. A good and healthy sleep can help you to wake up with a fresh and glowing face. A recent study reveals that when you are tired, blood does not flow efficiently. Need a radiant complexion on the day of your marriage, then better sleep well the previous night.

Do you believe there is a science behind the concept of beauty sleep? Well, beauty sleep is not a myth. It does reduce the wrinkles and dullness of your face. Lack of sleep affects the beauty of your skin in several ways. Poor sleep leaves your skin to glow less and it increases the risk of aging. When you sleep deeply, your body secretes growth hormones, which repairs of damaged cells. Lack of sleep leads to appearance of dark circles or wrinkles on your face.

People who sleep for a minimum of 8 hours look more attractive. There are few benefits of beauty sleep.

  1. Younger look: A good sleep can lessen the risk of your aging. During the deepest stage of sleep, your body repairs the damaged tissues and cells. During a good sleep, your body produces collagen – a protein that helps to keep your skin strong and elastic.

  2. Your cosmetics work better: As you experience a good amount of sleep during night, your cosmetic products such as creams or lotions may penetrate well into your skin and it can easily get absorbed. This is due to a greater blood flow to your skin during night.

  3. Less dark spots or circles: According to a study, our body rehydrates while we sleep. A good sleep can give you a glowing and fresh look, the next morning. It will reduce the visibility of wrinkles or dark spots on your face.

Apart from giving a fresh and attractive look, beauty sleep also has certain positive effects on your health.

  1. Memory power: A good night beauty sleep can increase your memory power. During sleep, you can strengthen your memories or skills that you have practiced during the daytime.

  2. Live longer: It is said that people who experience less sleep are prone to a short life span. According to a latest study, more death occurred in women aged between 50 and 70, who experience less than 5 hours sleep.

  3. Healthy weight: People who have a good and sufficient sleep; experience a healthy and perfect weight. If you have less sleep, you are more likely to get hungry all the time. When you have a perfect beauty sleep, certain hormones in your blood go up and they drive appetite.

It is the dream of every girl to have a beautiful and glowing skin. And you deserve to be the most beautiful women. Isn’t? Get a good and healthy sleep of 8 to 9 hours during the night to make this dream turn into reality.

Sleep enough and sleep well to experience a great and amazing look!

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