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Excuses people make for not treating OSA

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Excuses people make for not treating OSA

Unless we make a trip to the hospital emergency department, we do not realize what we were going through and even if we had a clue before, we are hardly concerned.

Do you think that being free from certain diseases can make you healthy overall? Well, let us enlighten you on it-there are several minor complaints that can make you feel miserable at times even though they do not pose any serious health risk at first. And quite unexpectedly, many of these conditions are related to your "Sleep".

A deep and uninterrupted sleep is what attributes a 'good sleep' (apart from what we feel the next morning). The tragedy here is- people who snore considers it as a sign of deep sleep, while it could potentially be a sign of disturbed Sleep. Snoring is also a key symptom of Obstructive Sleep Apnea but is often ignored due to lack of seriousness in people about the disorder. As a result, when they are asked to get their treatment for Sleep Apnea done, they either reply with a straightforward 'No' or come up with some funny excuses.

Through this article we will try to explore this category of people- those who make excuses just to avoid treating their problem of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. We have compiled here a list with the most frequently heard "excuses of people" who don't want to seek any diagnosis and cure for sleep apnea.

1. "Oh C'mon, snoring can't be dangerous, it is only a sound."

Yes, you are right. Snoring is just a sound but have you ever tried to know, why do this annoying sound came out of us and how.

The snoring sound is created from vibrations in the upper respiratory system when the air is blocked from moving freely to the lungs.

Not only, the sound is annoying (for others), it is an indicator about your health too. The entire story goes like:

When the airway is blocked, partially or completely, by the tissues in your throat, your body does not get enough oxygen in its blood stream. And this dip in oxygen levels forces our brain to awake partially so as to increase the breathing effort.

This has two negative impacts:

• Firstly, as your brain awakens from a deep sleep to a partial phase of sleeping, it is not doing all those restorative processes in your body.

• Secondly, in order to increase the amount of oxygen getting into the various systems, your blood vessels will have to produce heavier flow of blood to compensate with the low amounts of oxygen in the stream. This effect can lead to hypertension and other cardiovascular problems.

And lastly, don't forget snoring can keep your partner awake at night, thus they may also experience the side effects of sleep deprivation, Obstructive Sleep Apnea and similar sleep disorders.

When the airway is blocked, partially or completely, by the tissues in your throat, your body does not get enough oxygen in its blood stream. And this dip in oxygen levels forces our brain to awake partially so as to increase the breathing effort.

2. "It is Just a Sleep"

Do you think that your sleep has nothing to do with your health? Well, if it is so, you are actually denying to all the studies that have been conducted till now on the relationship between sleep and health with conclusions that can lead you to various medical problems.

When asleep, our mind and body need proper rest to perform the rejuvenating tasks that keep us healthy and alert during the day.

As we sleep, amazing things happens inside our body such as repairing of muscles, releasing of growth hormones, memories to become consolidated to process the information faster and remember important things and overall regeneration of tissues.

If you are still not convinced, you must know that sleep deficiency or untreated Obstructive sleep apnea can also lead you to day time sleepiness, depression, irritation, diabetes and many cardiovascular problems.

3. "I have been sleeping like this since always."

Quite often, we will come across people who are habituated to feeling tired and terrible all the time. They have simply grown to accept that "this is how life is"

These people just do not know how it feels like to awake fully refreshed and for some reasons, it is not even easy to convince them.

However, patients who have adopted CPAP therapy as their sleep disorder treatment have not only witnessed a peaceful and a good night sleep but also observed improvement in their diabetes, high blood pressure and similar health conditions.

There is a well-established fact, less people are aware of i.e. if you already have health problems related to heart, diabetes and high blood pressure, Obstructive sleep apnea could worsen them and if don't, it can amplify the chances. Hence, it would be wise to seek a treatment then to ignore.

4. "How can one sleep with a mask forever?"

It is quite a task to wear a CPAP mask as a Sleep disorder treatment on your face that artificially blows air in to your lungs for the whole night. Even though getting used to this machine is difficult but is achievable as many people did so and they have accepted the mask for the benefits it brings along.

Once you start realizing the amazing feeling of good quality sleep, your inconvenience of wearing a CPAP therapy machine will fade off.

Furthermore there are alternatives to CPAP machines including dental devices, surgeries and equipments similar to it.

5. "This will be too expensive"

This is one of the most common excuses people will make for not treating their sleep disorder and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

The cost of CPAP machine is what makes people think twice before accepting it as a Sleep Apnea Treatment. However, they have to realize that if we compare its cost with number of years by which it extends our life, the amount will reduce to just a few 'paisa' per day which is nothing as compared to our life.

Not only, a CPAP machine results in an uninterrupted and good quality sleep life but investing upon it can help us avoid rather grave situations like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems etc. in the longer run. Another thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the usage of CPAP sleep apnea treatment in early stages can turn out to be a worthy investment later on as this will also save us the cost of hospitalization for severe health conditions linked with Obstructive sleep apnea.

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